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Enjoy our patient’s heart felt testimonials about their experiences, life changes and health victories at Ziolkowski Chiropractic Clinic. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia Relief

Knee Pain Relief

“I was brought up in the 30’s-40’s and at that time I was skeptic of chiropractors. What a terrible thing it is to have formed an opinion without any knowledge or experience. When my walking of 10,000 steps a day was disrupted by an arthritic lower back, injured shoulder, plus a very stiff knee, I was frustrated about growing old. I’m pleased to tell you that your continued care, compassion, and education regarding nutrition, has brought me back to where I was before and aging is not something we have to endure!”


“I was on constant pain-every time I turned my head I would get shooting neck pain. I made it through the day by masking the pain with muscle relaxers and pain killers, but now I no longer use medication. When I see Dr. Ziolkowski for an adjustment, I get immediate relief!”


“I used to be in pain every single day and always woke up in the middle of the night because of it and I was also having trouble with my blood pressure, which was 138/84. My life has improved so much that I hardly have any pain, I sleep throughout the night, and my blood pressure is now 118/74!  I definitely feel confident in your office to refer my friends and relatives!”


“My baby was colic and would cry for 3 hours straight in the middle of the night. We tried everything but nothing worked and it was a large drain on my husband and I.  I was recommended to take my son to you and after a few adjustments we could finally sleep! After a year, I continue to take my son to Dr. Z from all the continuous improvement. ”


“I appreciate not only the adjustments, but all the advice-from what proper shoes to wear to stretching, to fluid intake, and most importantly, the positive attitude. Thank you.”